The Robot Game is one part of every season challenge. In the Robot Game, your team will:

  • Identify Missions to solve.
  • Design, build and program a LEGO® Robot to complete the Missions.
  • Test and refine your program and design.

Your Robot will have to navigate, capture, transport,
activate, or deliver objects. You and your Robot will only
have 2½ minutes to complete as many Missions as
possible. So, be creative!

MASTERPIECE Robot Game Rulebook – This important resource will provide an outline of the challenge, the Missions, the allowable hardware and software requirements, Robot Game rules, and field set up.

MASTERPIECE Challenge Updates & Mission Model Building Instructions – After your team has taken a deep dive into the Robot Game Rulebook, you will want to continuously check the challenge updates. This will help clarify aspects of the challenge as teams get into the new season. You can also find the building instructions for the Robot Game mission models.

Robot Game FAQs

What type of robot should our team get?

The Robot Game Rulebook includes a description of acceptable robot equipment – “All equipment must be LEGO® made building pieces, in original factory condition.” So there are many options for teams. Most teams use either a LEGO EV3 Mindstorm or LEGO Spike Prime kit. Additionally, teams are able to use older kits like the NXT and RCX, but these products have been retired by LEGO, so support is limited.

While the EV3 is being retired by LEGO, it will be used in competitions for years to come. Read more about that retirement process here. In 2019, LEGO introduced the Spike Prime to the world and we have seen many teams use the kit successfully during our last season. It is recommended that teams also use the Spike Prime expansion set for competitions.

Does our team have to use a game table during practice?

Using a regulation game table is not necessary during practice as teams may have storage or space issues, but it is highly recommended that teams do practice with one before attending a regional tournament.

You can find the building instructions here.

What programming language can we use?

Teams can use any software that allows the robot to move autonomously (on its own), run only by programs that are loaded onto the controller.

Remote control is not allowed in the competition setting and Bluetooth must be turned off.

See Page 17 (item 5) in the MASTERPIECE Robot Game Rulebook.

What should we do if we have a question about game rules?

It is very important that teams and coaches continue to check out the “Challenge Updates” that are constantly getting refreshed throughout the season.

After consulting the Robot Game Rulebook and Challenge Updates, many teams consult our ListServ with questions. This platform is also monitored by our regional head referee and “Decider-in-Chief” of all game related questions, Michael Brown.


LEGO Education Software Downloads
EV3 Mindstorm
Spike Prime

LEGO Mindstorm EV3 Tutorials
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EV3 and Scratch
FLL Tutorials: Robot Design

LEGO Spike Prime Tutorials
LEGO Education Tutorials

Game Table Build Instructions

Mission Planning & Strategy
– MASTERPIECE Guided Mission:
Spike Prime Code for Guided Mission
Code for Guided Mission (.PNG)
MASTERPIECE Wireframe/ Grid

Coming Soon…
– MASTERPIECE Sketch Planner
– MASTERPIECE Official Scorer

Robot Game Webinars (Previous season)
Robot Design

Programming for Reliability
Building for Reliability
Building Attachments
Robot Game Strategy
More “How To” Videos

Past Season Resources
FIRST LEGO League Season Library
FLL Tutorials Season Archive

Mission Model Building Instructions

How do I build the Mission Models?

  1. Sort the LEGO element bags (found in your Challenge Set box) by bag number. They are labeled.
  2. Match the bag numbers with the corresponding bag numbers below.
  3. Open the correct pdf files and have an awesome time assembling the models. We strongly recommend opening one set of bags at a time so elements are not mixed up.
  4. Have fun!

Missing LEGO elements?

  • Visit the missing parts/customer service page of the LEGO website, identify missing element(s), and order.
  • Or call 1-800-422-5346 (US/CAN) and a rep should be able to help. Team/ Volunteer must mention FIRST LEGO League.

Bag NumberNonverbalEnglishWhat does this mission model do?
Bag 1PDFPDFWatch Here
Bag 2PDFPDFWatch here
Bag 3PDFPDFWatch here
Bag 4 *PDFPDFWatch here
Bag 5PDFPDFWatch here
Bag 6PDFPDFWatch here
Bag 7PDFPDFWatch here
Bag 8PDFPDFWatch here
Bag 9PDFPDFWatch here
Bag 10PDFPDFWatch here
Bag 11PDFPDFWatch here
Bag 12PDFPDFWatch here
Bag 13PDFPDFWatch here
Bag 14PDFPDFWatch here

* Bag 4 has extra pieces that will not be used. Teams – Check out Mission 4 to find out what to do with them. Volunteers – Keep those unbuilt with the kits

Bags 15 (Precision Tokens and Season Tags):
Teams should consult the Robot Game Rules to find out how to the red Precision Tokens are used! Season Tags are use to keep and commenate the season!
Volunteers building competition kits can just leave bag unopened.