Event Registration

This year, VA-DC FLL will be offering completely in-person Festivals. We are still finalizing our schedule and will continue to update teams on this page.

Festivals must have at least 6 teams registered. After that minium has been met, VA-DC FLL will confirm the event with teams and follow up with payment information. If the minium has not been met two weeks before the event, VA-DC FLL will need to cancel the event and will reach out to teams to reschedule.


2023 VA-DC FLL Explore Festival Schedule

BlacksburgMarch 5thBlacksburg High School (FRC Event)1pm-3pm
Fairfax April 8thEagle Banks Arena (FRC Event)10am-12pm
LeesburgApril 29thTBA10am-12pm
HarrisonburgApril 30thExplore More Discovery Museum1pm-4pm
Fairfax May 6th Navy Elementary1pm – 3pm
D.C.May 13thRita Bright Family and Youth Center12pm-2pm
FairfaxMay 13thNova Labs10am – 12pm
Newport NewsMay 20thCNU STEM Day12pm – 2pm

Festival Overview

VA-DC FLL Explore Festivals will be in-person this year! Each event will look different depending on the host site, but teams can expect the following…

  • Teams should plan attend the event for approximately 2 to 3 hours (depending on the event format).
  • Festivals will have between 6 and 18 teams.
  • Teams will display their Superpowered Team Model and Team Poster. Table space will vary at each event, but teams can plan for at least 2-4 ft of surface. Team models should be on the Superpowered mat included in their FLL Explore Set.
  • Reviewers will meet with each team for 10 minutes (5 minutes for the team to present their work and 5 minutes for questions).
  • We encourage teams to talk and learn from other teams during the event! When teams aren’t sharing with other teams and reviewers, there will also be activities or demonstrations to participate in!
  • At the end of the event, each participant will get to take home their official VA-DC FIRST LEGO League medal with some other season swag!

How to Prepare your Team

  • Have the team create a Show Me Poster
  • Have the team practice presenting their Team Model
  • Take a look at the Reviewing Documents
  • Have your team practice introducing themselves and sharing their work with family/friends at a practice meeting! It will help them feel more comfortable during the review session. You can even try some of the “Reviewer Questions” with them (found in previous bullet point).