Whether it is starting a STEAM club or immersing your classroom or school in a quality STEAM program, FIRST® LEGO® League Explore is a great way to foster 21st century skills in your students. As a program, VA+DC FIRST® LEGO® League Explore strives to provide a quality education program to your school. Depending on your school’s objective, there are a number of paths to bring FLL Explore to you students.

If you are interested in official events hosted by VA+DC FIRST® LEGO® League and have the potential for progression to regional or national events, consider starting the individual team pathway to be nationally recognized.

In contrast, Class Packs are designed to be run by the school or organization. The objective of a Class Pack is to provide flexible curricular options designed to develop STEM and other 21st century skills. Additionally, this option allows schools to run their own culminating event.

We support teams, coaches/ teachers, event volunteers and work to provide awesome culminating experiences in the form of regional tournaments and championship. For more information, visit our Educators/Admin FAQ page.



General Questions

Kaitlin Ilnitzki –
Program Coordinator