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[us_testimonial author=”PrimeBots” company=”#9343, 12/10/14″]

Congrats to all teams for putting up a wonderful show at Harrisonburg! Being part of the “Biggest FLL event in the World” was enthralling for the kids, and they thoroughly enjoyed each part of it. Congrats Nick, JMU and other organizers for making this such a wonderful event. Congrats all teams for being the chosen ones at the State Championship. Congrats to Brick Dawgs and Ashburn Robotics for winning the opportunity to represent VA-DC FLL at the World Festival. I’m sure you’ll make us proud.

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”Structile Robotum” company=”#6901″]

A big thank you to the organizers and volunteers of the Haymarket Regional. It was well organized and as a rookie team, we especially appreciate the fact that the organizers and volunteers took time to answer all of our questions. A big shout out to the referees and announcers at the match tables. You all did a great job calming the nerves of many 10 year-olds. Thank you once again for making it a great event for the kids.

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”Team Pink Fluffy Master Builders” company=”#3668″]

A big thank you to the judges, referees and volunteers at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School. It was well organized and our team had a lot of fun. Thanks for making this a great experience for our kids.

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”FROGBOTICS 1 & 2 Coach” company=”#188 & #203, 12/10/14″]

FROGBOTICS 1 and 2 can’t stop talking about their weekend at JMU! THANK YOU a hundred times over to Nick and the entire organization for their spirit, energy and superior gracious professionalism to let all kids (coaches and parents) live a dream of creating, organizing and learning with joy, mistakes and integrity! 3,2,1 LEGO will ring through our ears for many more weeks!

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”The Ruling Robot Falcons” company=”#1358, 12/10/14″]The Ruling Robot Falcons would also like to extend a huge Thank You to Nick, Steve, Karen, all the students, volunteers and other organizers that it took to make this past weekend happen! Our kids had so much fun and it was such a wonderful experience for them to be able to take part in. It could not have been better and I truly appreciate all the work that went into making it happen!

Thank you so much![/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”The Crestwood Monarchs’ Coach” company=”#675, 12/9/14″]

A few days have passed and our season is over but I have to say we had a great time at the Championship Tournament. The tournament is always well-run and the teams are always fun to get to know. Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition ruled the weekend. Many thanks to Nick and all of the other volunteers. Without ya’ll the tournament would not work. Personally, I believe all of Nick’s students deserve A+ for the work that they put in. Congrats to all the teams that participated in the Championship Tournament, you are all winners. A special shout out to the Division I and II teams that will be moving on to the World Festival, great job.

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”The Knights of the Brick Table Coaches” company=”#3319, 12/11/14″]

A big thank you to Nick and his JMU crew—they deserve an A+ all around for their amazing job and spirit. Thank you to all the volunteers and Sponsors that made this season and wonderful tournament possible. And… A Congratulations and Thank you to all the great teams we had the pleasure of meeting last weekend. We enjoyed learning about your projects, experiencing your graciousness, witnessing your enthusiasm and just having great fun. The Knights of the Brick Table look forward to next season and wish our Division 1 The Brick Dawgs and Division 2 Geared Up VA-DCFLL Champions all the best as they move on to represent our region at World Festival.

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”The Brick Dawgs Coaches” company=”#3142, 12/11/14″]

The Brick Dawgs would also like to thank all the people who made this past weekend an incredible experience! We agree that all the JMU students should get an A+! We are so honored and excited to be representing VA-DC FLL at the World Festival along with Team Geared UP! Congratulations to all the teams who participated this weekend! We saw so many amazing projects, robots, and examples of Core Values! We were so impressed!

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”Team Fibonacci LEGO Lions” company=”#7538, 12/11/14″]A big THANK YOU from Team Fibonacci LEGO Lions to all the organizers and volunteers of VA-DC FLL State championship.
It was a great experience for us and we had a fantastic time.

Congratulations to Brick Dawgs and Geared Up! All the best for World Festival.[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”Ashburn Robotics Geared UP! Coach” company=”#168, 12/10/14″]Thank you VA-DC FLL for putting together another great tournament. Team
Geared UP! congratulates everyone for a amazing season. We had a fantastic time this past weekend and are looking forward to representing VA-DC FLL at the World Festival along with our Division 1 State Champions the Brick Dawgs. Special thanks to everyone who helped beta test our Craft-a-bot this weekend. We had a lot of fun demonstrating it and hope you did too. Go VA-DC FLL!!![/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”Team Awesome” company=”#12292″]

It was our first event, too, and it was a blast. The team looks forward to coming back next year, and doing even better. Also really appreciated the Gracious Professionalism from all the other teams.

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”The Walker ~ Jones Tigers” company=”#1067 “]

Many thanks to Michael Robinson and his crew at Friendship Collegiate Academy! We appreciate the VOLUNTEER judges, referees and ambassadors giving their time and energy for this all day, high-energy event. The 20 teams who attended demonstrated “Gracious Professionalism” throughout the day encouraging each other with High Fives and “Good Luck!” Our team walked away with beautiful ribbons, remembering the good times and the Core Value What we learn is more important than what we win :)” Thanks bunches!!!

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”AF Robots” company=” #8044″]

I would also like to echo those sentiments! On behalf of Team 8044 the AF Robots, we would like to thank all the volunteers, student ambassadors, judges and tournament organizers who put together a GREAT tournament this year. Our team, parents, and coaches had nothing but great things to say about how well the event ran. Thank you to all the other teams in attendance as well, and we look forward to seeing you all next year!!!

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”STEM Coordinator”]

Ditto on the thanks to Michael Robinson and crew and the wonderful folks at Friendship Collegiate Academy. They made it a pleasure to volunteer and the teams doubled the enjoyment and the learning. Thank you!

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”FROGBOTICS teams” company=”#188 and #203″]

FROGBOTICS teams 188 and 203 want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to all teams, coaches, parents and FCA for their help in providing a wonderful opportunity for sharing and learning the true meaning of education. FLL has given us all (both young and old) an opportunity to explore the many avenues of education and experience real learning. Congratulations to all the teams and we hope to see many of you either in Harrisonburg or next year.

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”Toaster Rebellion” company=”#11321″]

Thank you very much to the organizers, referees, and all the myriads of volunteers at yesterday’s regional tournament at Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School in Falls Church. We’ve had a great experience the last two years there. Thank you especially to everyone who put together a great tournament for our team to participate in. And thank you to the other teams that participated as well—and best of luck to the teams heading to State!

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”The Capital Girls” company=”#1246″]

The Capital Girls would also like to extend thanks to all teams and volunteers at yesterday’s Falls Church regional. As a rookie team our girl had “an awesome” time thanks to your efforts.

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”RoboSwag” company=”#3059″]

Team RoboSwag would also like to thank all judges, referees, organizers and participants at Falls Church regional. Our team members had a wonderful time there.

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”The Ruling Robot Falcons”]I want to offer a huge thank you from The Ruling Robot Falcons to Karen Berger and all the organizers, judges, referees, and volunteers that helped put on the regional tournament in Newport News yesterday. Our kids had such a fun time and I appreciate all the work that was put into it! I think the referees were cheering for all the kids as much as the coaches were! Thank you all!
I also want to add a note about real Gracious Professionalism that happened for our team yesterday. When we arrived at the school yesterday and our kids ran their robot on the practice boards, they discovered that nothing on their robot worked. All their missions were dependent on the color sensor, which had was only randomly seeing certain colors. They tried everything they could think of to fix it, but then got the idea to see if the other teams that had EV3’s could help. So they went around the room asking other teams if they had any ideas or knew how to calibrate a color sensor (one of the things they thought perhaps was wrong). The other teams all stopped what they were doing to help our kids try to problem-solve and help think of what could be wrong. It was very apparent that these kids were not just there to win a tournament…but they really loved being there and wanted to help. This just made me love FIRST/FLL even more than I already did, and realize just how great this organization is!
Thank you all![/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”Brick Bandits”]

A big thank you to Alex Nette for organizing a fabulous event and for answering all our team’s last-minute questions; thanks to Mr. Wu-Rorrer for showing off what an amazing place MEH is and for getting his team to put together goody bags for all the kids; and finally thank you to all the program organizers, the referees, the judges, the volunteers and all the participating teams. You all made this rookie team feel very much at ease and relaxed. A great time was had by all. Good luck to the fabulous teams moving on to state! Here’s to next year.

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”Name”]

I want to offer a huge THANK YOU to the director, judges, referees, volunteers and other organizers at FLL Stafford location. It was a very well organized event. Kids had a great time yesterday. We were helped by a student guide (Joe) as soon as we walked into the gym, everything was clearly labeled and ready to go. Students had so much fun, it was a truly amazing and unforgettable event. Thank you!

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”InkyBots” company=”#8503″]

HUGE Thank you’s also to ALL the personnel—especially Denyse Carroll, Steve Scherr, the Head Judge, and the OPHS TEAM—for the event held at OPHS yesterday! We had so many comments from parents and the kids alike regarding the organization and FUN! Without an overcrowded venue, there was so much less stress and it was so appreciated! Thank you all for a great day of STEM in action!

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”Ninjabots” company=”#1806″]

The FIRST Appalachian Robotics: Ninjabots want to express their thanks to all the judges, ref’s, volunteers, team members and parents who made the FLL competition at South West Virginia Higher Education Center in Abingdon, VA such a wonderful experience. The event was fast-paced and fun for everyone. We really appreciated getting to see the project presentations by other teams and just being able to chat with others about their robots. We left inspired to continue to work on our unsolved missions and are excited to see what next year brings! Thank you FIRST and South West VA Higher Ed Center for supporting kids’ love of science and technology!

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”Mastermind Dragons”]

Same sentiment from Mastermind Dragons—great experience for kids participating in the event and seeing/meeting other teams. Everything ran smoothly—thanks to volunteers, refs, and judges. See you all next year. . .

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”Breee” company=”#3789″]

Team Breee would like to thank all of the judges, refs, volunteers and other teams at the Fairfax regional tournament at Mary Ellen Henderson MS. A great time was had by all.


Thank you to all of the people who assisted with the regional tournament held at JMU in Harrisonburg on Saturday. The volunteers did their usual spectacular job. The judges and referees and others are always so enthusiastic and helpful with the young people. It makes for an exciting, rewarding, and fun experience.


A huge thank you to Mark Vanderlyn and the volunteers at Eagle Ridge MS in Ashburn yesterday. My team had a great experience and I was very impressed with how smoothly the event ran.

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”Robo Blasters” company=”#2155″]

Yes, it was a GREAT tournament!!!! Team Robo Blasters had an awesome time!

[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”The 5 Cavers and Extravaganza Girls”]

On behalf of both of my teams, I would like to express a big thank you to Ann Kutz, tournament director extraordinaire; Deep Run’s FTC team, the Blue Cheese; and the many volunteers who made yesterday’s regional qualifying tournament a possibility. The tournament organizers and volunteers were so on the ball that robot rounds actually ran ahead of schedule. Many thanks to you all for all of your hard work!