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Tennessee Valley Authority Grants
Collins Aerospace Team Grants
Shenandoah Valley Technology Council Grants ** Coming Soon **
Tennessee Valley Authority Grants

Tennessee Valley Authority Grants 19-20

Team Eligibility:

    • All FIRSTLEGO League teams in the TVA Service Area are eligible for funding, which will cover the team registration & Challenge Set.
    • Teams must begin the registration process with FIRST and have a team number, however, teams must NOT pay for registration as it will forfeit their TVA Grant.  No exceptions, substitutions or refunds will be made.
    • A maximum of 200 TVA team grants are available on a first come, first served basis.  Funds will be available until December 1, 2019 ORuntil team registration closes in your region ORuntil we reach the 200 team grant cap – whichever comes first.

Next Steps:

  • All teams interested in receiving TVA funds must submit a very short online application to FIRST® which can be found here.

TVA Grant Process

    • You could see as much as 2 weeks pass between requesting your grant and receiving the funds.  Please plan accordingly if you have known, critical deadlines.
    • Any applications from teams that have already paid registration or are outside of the TVA service area will be declined.
    • FIRST will review all grant requests each Wednesday by noon, Eastern Time.
    • FIRST will send the grant requests to Tennessee Valley Authority to verify your team’s location within their service area. This process usually takes 48 hours.
    • Once FIRST® receives the approval back from Tennessee Valley Authority, teams can expect the grant funds to be available within 5 business days.

Additional Questions? Please e-mail Ryanne Cook –

Collins Aerospace Team Grants

United Technologies & Collins Aerospace Team Grants 19-20

Collins Aerospace provides these grants as a way to create access to STEM curricula for students in underrepresented populations; introduce students ages 5-12 to STEM disciplines; and, provide opportunities for students to learn skills that are essential for our future workforce.

Employee-mentored/ Coached Team Grant Eligibility

The United Technologies, Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, Carrier, and Otis FIRST team grants are available to any team with an employee coach/mentor(s).


“Redefining Futures FIRST” Team Grant Eligibility

Teams living in Virginia and Washington D.C. (a Collins Aerospace community) must fit two of the following criteria.

– Newly formed FIRST team

– Team of High-need/Over 50% Free/Reduced Lunch rates

– Teams with over 50% makeup of underrepresented populations in STEM fields


– Two of the three following expenses:
– Robot – $450
– National registration fee – $225
– Field setup kit – $85


Apply for a Rockwell Collins Team Grant.

Shenandoah Valley Technology Council Grants ** Coming Soon **