Submitting your Practice Round

All teams at a VA-DC FLL Challenge remote tournament will have the option to submit a practice robot game round video. Teams will receive feedback from their Head Referee regarding the filming of the video and game rules.

  • These videos are to help the teams and are completely options (but encouraged). We know that teams are still working on missions and the robot game may look totally different by the tournament!
  • The video should be a single, unedited video. This is very important. Please do not edit the video in any way.
  • To get a better understanding of how to film a robot game run, watch our new (and short) ROBOT GAME FILMING GUIDANCE video. In addition, you can check out the written guidance as well.
  • In most cases within 5 days of submitting the practice round, your coach will receive feedback. This should give teams a few days to make any adjustments before submitting their official 3 robot game runs!

Option 1: Submit a Link (Recommended)

Teams can submit one of the following links. Uploading large video files to any of these platforms will take some time depending on file size, bandwidth, site traffic, etc.

  • Unlisted YouTube video link (Please make sure it is Unlisted, Referees will not be able to view a Private video)
  • Private Vimeo link
  • Dropbox link
  • Google Drive link (Please sure this is a shareable link, so referees can review the material)

Option 2: Upload a Video

Upload MP4 or MOV file below. File size is limited to 256MB. Videos are being kept in a secured Vimeo account until after the competition. Here are some tips on video compression for Vimeo. Uploading large video files to our site will take some time depending on file size, bandwidth, site traffic, etc.

Please use include the team number if the title, example- “Team 1234 Practice Round.” No description needed.

Practice Round Submission Timeline

Date of EventSubmit Practice Round by…

Teams can submit practice robot game rounds after these dates. Head Refs will do their best to provide feedback in time to make adjustments to their official robot game rounds.