Approved Jr.FLL team awards

Model Awards

  • Solid-as-a-Rock Model Design Award
    Built to last! This team’s understanding and application of construction knowledge allowed them to produce a very sturdy model.
  • Construction Innovation Award
    For demonstrating creative thinking. This team created excellent designs and built quality components without any instructions or outside assistance.
  • Master Programmer Award
    WeDo Programming extraordinaire. This team was able to successfully use WeDo Programming software to bring their model to life.
  • Simply Awesome Machine Award
    This team incorporated a great use of simple machines into their model design.
  • Efficient Builders Award
    Minimalist design. This team used a creative design process by carefully using only necessary pieces to complete their model.
  • Amazing Movement Award
    This team worked together to incorporate amazing movement using LEGO motors into their model design
  • Lil’ Einstein Award
    This team showed their true brainy ways. They exhibited in-depth knowledge of their model and the challenge theme topic.
  • Complexity and Decoration Award
    For beautiful model construction with great decorative touches.
  • Robust Design Award
    The team whose understanding and application of construction knowledge allowed them to produce a very solid and sturdy design.

Poster/Research Awards

  • Explosive Ideas Award
    For flash, sizzle, and pizzazz based in solid research and innovative ideas. This team used their explosive ideas to design an eye-catching research poster and explosive team model.
  • Picasso Award
    For artistic prowess. This team made good use of artistic elements in their overall model design and Show Me poster.
  • Synergy Award
    Extraordinarily effective! This team’s model and poster worked well together to represent what they studied.
  • Journey Award
    This team was able to create an awesome poster that showed their Jr.FLL journey from start to finish.
  • Artistic Eye Award
    This team used their artistic abilities to create an eye-catching poster that’s not only informative but also a work of art.
  • Show and Tell Award
    This team not only used their poster to show what they did during the season but used it as a prop in their presentation to the reviewers.
  • On Display
    This team’s thoughtful poster is a great backdrop to their model. It gives an extra thorough description of what they did this season and what their model is showing.

Core Values Awards

  • Gracious Professionalism Award
    For exemplifying Gracious Professionalism—a core FIRST value. This team was thoughtful, kind, and showed respect towards others.
  • Effort and Learning Award
    For a strong effort and a willingness to learn and try new things. This team prepared for success.
  • Rising Stars Award
    Knowledge above and beyond. This team showed an interest in learning more about the fields encompassed by the season’s topic and presented with enthusiasm and pride.
  • Spirit Award
    Enthusiasm, spirit, excitement, and accomplishment. This team showed the ability to get other people excited about FIRST because of their enthusiasm, spirit, and excitement about what they accomplished.
  • Inquiring Minds Award
    For interest in science and the enjoyment of the building process. Always looking to find a solution, this team kept morale up while creating smart solutions.
  • Outstanding Teamwork Award
    For hard work on teamwork, success as a team came first. Always first to a team solution, this team knows that Together Everyone Achieves More.
  • Against All Odds Award
    For overcoming incredible odds of an unforeseen nature. This team was able to improvise, adapt and recover out of sheer determination.
  • Cooperation Rocks Award
    This team was able to cooperate and compromise as a team to come up with an amazing poster and model.
  • Showmanship Award
    This team not only answered the reviewer’s questions but also had an awesome preprepared skit or presentation for spectators and reviewers.