jr-fll-national-logoA “Jr.FLL Expo” is an event conducted by a Jr.FLL Affiliate Partner, or the Affiliate Partner’s trained designee, that complies with the requirements stated below, as such requirements may be amended by FIRST®. All Jr.FLL events conducted by a Jr.FLL Affiliate Partner or designee must comply with these requirements. A Jr.FLL Affiliate Partner may not identify an event as a “Jr.FLL Expo” or list the event in the FIRST MyEvent system at the FIRST website unless the event meets these requirements.

  1. Date – Jr.FLL Expos may be conducted at any time except during the months of July or August.
  2. Challenge – Jr.FLL Expos must be based on the Jr.FLL Challenge released by FIRST the preceding August 1.
  3. Posting – The Jr.FLL Affiliate Partner shall post all required Jr.FLL Expo details on the FIRST Event Management System.
  4. Fees – The Jr.FLL Affiliate Partner shall not charge fees for participation in a Jr.FLL Expo in excess of the cost to conduct the Jr.FLL Expo.
  5. Venue – The event venue must have adequate space, facilities, and safety equipment. The Jr.FLL Affiliate Partner is responsible for the following:
    1. Providing and maintaining a safe environment for all participants
    2. Providing adequate safety personnel
    3. Providing a plan for handling emergencies
    4. Providing an evacuation plan in case of an emergency
    5. Educating teams, volunteers, and all attendees of emergency procedures
  6. Volunteers – The Jr.FLL Affiliate Partner must arrange for sufficient adult volunteers to conduct a safe, efficient event, and to include the following at a minimum:
    1. “Registration and Information” volunteers (one or more) – These volunteers check teams in and act as a point of contact for lost and found items.
    2. Emcee – The emcee acts as the announcer for the day. This volunteer conducts the opening and closing ceremonies and provides comments and updates throughout the event. The emcee should have an energetic and personable approach to this volunteer position, as he/she really sets the tone for the event. This is a role that can be easily fulfilled by the person organizing the event.

c. Reviewers – There must be at least two reviewers for every seven teams (see table). See details on reviewing below. Reviewers are not judges and shall not be referred to as “judges”. The minimum number of reviewers is based on the number of teams, as follows:

Number of TeamsMinimum Number of Reviewers
Up to 72
8 – 144
15 – 216
22 – 288
29 – 3510
36 – 4012

d. All volunteers involved in conducting a Jr.FLL Expo must comply with FIRST’s requirements for volunteers, now existing or hereafter established.
e. The Jr.FLL Affiliate Partner is responsible for managing and supervising all volunteers.

  1. Teams – All teams participating in a Jr.FLL Official Expo must be registered with FIRST as a Jr.FLL team. All team members must be between the ages of 6 and 9 years old as of the January 1 following the date that the Challenge was released. No team may have more than six members.
  2. FIRST Consent and Release form – The Affiliate Partner must obtain a signed FIRST Consent and Release form from every participating team member’s parent or guardian, coach, and volunteer. The Affiliate Partner must send these signed forms to FIRST within 15 days after the Jr.FLL Expo.
  3. Jr.FLL Affiliate Partners shall allow any Jr.FLL team that is registered with FIRST to participate in a Jr.FLL Expo conducted by the Jr.FLL Affiliate Partner or its designee; subject only to a quantity limitation, in which case teams allowed to participate must be selected on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. The maximum number of teams that may participate at a particular Jr.FLL Expo is 40.
  5. At the Jr.FLL Expo
      1. Registration
          1. Teams and Coaches check in with Registration.
          2. The Registration and Information volunteers verify that teams are registered with FIRST, and obtain (or confirm prior receipt of) a signed FIRST Consent and Release form from every participating team member’s parent or guardian, coach, and volunteer.
          3. The Registration and Information volunteers distribute informational materials such as: an event map, a safety and evacuation plan, Jr.FLL, FLL, FTC, and FRC flyers, and information on any local sponsors who donated time, funding or materials to the event.
      2. Opening (optional) – The emcee welcomes everyone, introduces the volunteers and the teams, and describes the Jr.FLL Expo process.
      3. Team Setup Period – Each team is provided space with a table to display their Show Me Poster and Model, which meet the current year’s Jr.FLL Challenge.
      4.  Reviewing
        1. Reviewers listen to the teams describe their Models and Show Me Posters, ask only the questions listed on the Jr.FLL Reviewer Questions page, discuss the projects, and interact with teams. There is no competition or scorekeeping. Instead, reviewers look for innovation, creativity, pride, and energy.
        2. Family members are welcome to listen to the reviewing sessions, and should feel comfortable standing or sitting with their children as the team members answer questions.
        3. Each team should have about 5 to 10 minutes with at least two reviewers. Having a separate room for reviewing makes it easier for reviewers to hear teams and also allows teams to be less distracted. If there is no separate reviewing room, reviewers should come to the team tables so that they may view each team’s Show Me Poster and Model.
        4. Reviewers should understand that team members are likely experiencing the art of teamwork for the very first time. At this age, egos can be very fragile. Reviewers should be considerate and kind when reviewing the Show Me Posters and Models. Reviewers should not judge teams, but rather show interest in each team’s ideas and experience.
      5. Closing Ceremony
        1. The emcee thanks everyone for coming.
        2. Each team member is given some type of acknowledgement of their participation. They may be given a certificate, ribbon, medal, sticker or pin. Additional team awards are optional but any such additional awards must come from the Jr.FLL Standard Award List maintained by FIRST.
        3. Breakdown – Teams pack up their Show Me Poster and Model. The Affiliate Partner and volunteers clean up the venue.
        4. The duration of the Jr.FLL Expo (not including set up or breakdown) shall not exceed four hours.
  6. Incident Reporting – The Jr.FLL Affiliate Partner shall provide FIRST with a written report (within 24 hours) on FIRST’s required form of any injury or inappropriate behavior incident occurring at a Jr.FLL Expo, by fax or PDF scan to the person indicated on the form with a copy to Dana Clark via fax at 603-666-3907.