FIRST LEGO League Jr. Team Registration Checklist


Find Coaches

We require at least two coaches per team. While most teams are coached by parents and teachers you can also reach out to community groups for volunteers. No experience is necessary.

You can check for established coaches in your area by using our listserv.


Register and Pay Team Registration Fee with FIRST Inspires

Teams must register and pay a registration fee with the national branch of FIRST LEGO League Jr. Detailed instructions can be found here.


Join VADCFLL Jr. Listserv

Coaches and mentors will be automatically added to the Listerv after completing registration at Encourage additional volunteers to stay in the loop about FIRST LEGO League Jr. Virginia + Washington D.C. by signing up here.


Recruit Team Members

Teams must have 2-6 members, ages 6 to 10.


Register for an Official FLL Jr. Expo

Once you receive your official team number, teams can sign up to participate in an official FIRST LEGO League Jr. Expo. Register for an expo here.

Disclaimer: Expos need a minimum of eight teams to participate. If registration does not meet this minimum by the stated deadline, the expo will be cancelled.


Pay FLL Jr. Expo Fee

When an expo has reached the minimum threshold of eight teams, you will receive an email from the event coordinator. This email will provide details about the Expo & registration fee. Registration fees, per team, to participate in an official Expo is $50. The registration fee of $50 will cover the costs of the expo and provide a medal for each team member.