Register with FIRST LEGO League Virginia + Washington D.C.

Deadline: October 10th

Important Notes
  • You will not be eligible to register with FIRST LEGO League Virginia + Washington D.C. until you receive your official FIRST LEGO League team number. This may take up to a week after registering with them (Part 2).
  • Once you receive your official FIRST LEGO League team number, it may take us up to another week to load it into our system. If a week has passed and you continue to get an incorrect team number error message when you enter your team number, please contact us at
  • Your browser MUST have cookies enabled to use the FIRST LEGO League Virginia + Washington D.C. registration system. Use these instructions to enable cookies.

1. Create a Team Manager Account

  • Click Here to create a Team Manager account.
  • Enter and confirm your email address.
  • Enter and confirm your password.
*Note: You will need to make a new account each season.*

2. Add a New Team

  • Log in to your Team Manager account
  • Select Add a New Team from the Manager Options menu to create a new team.
  • Fill out the form that appears.
  • Click Add a New Team. Note: You may add more than one team at a time and will have the option to add other teams later. There are two options for registering multiple teams:
  • 1. Register multiple teams under the same login and list different coaches for each team.
    2. Share login information with individual coaches so the coaches can update the team information.

3. Register for a Local Tournament

Before October 1st

  • Check the Tournament Schedule for dates and locations (discuss this with your team.
  • Note: If you don’t have a Team Manager Account yet, register with FIRST LEGO League and then create a Team Manager account with Virginia + Washington, D.C.

Between October 1st - October 10th

  • Between Oct. 1st @ 10:00am & Oct. 10th @ 12:00am (midnight) you will be able to register for a local tournament.
  • At 10:00am on October 1st, log in to your Team Manager Account.
  • From the View/Edit Team Registration Information page, select View/Edit Tournaments next to a team.
  • Click Enter Tournaments.
  • Select your 1st, 2nd and 3rd tournament preferences for that team.
    • Tournament Selection is on a first come first serve basis. The sooner you register for a tournament, the higher the chance you will receive your first-choice tournament.
    • We will attempt to match teams with their 1st tournament preferences. However, to avoid exceeding tournament capacity, we may need to match teams with their 2nd or 3rd preferences.
    • Teams may register for any regional tournament, regardless of division. They will be matched up to compete against other teams within their division.
  • Save your preferences by clicking Update Tournaments.
  • Return to the Manager Options menu and select Logout.
Cancelling a tournament selection?
  • To cancel a tournament selection, click N/A to the right of the tournament.

4. Pay registration fee

Registration fees for Virginia + Washington D.C. regional tournaments are $150. You can pay registration fees online, or send in a check through the mail.

Make checks out to James Madison University with your team name and team number in the memo line and send it to:

800 South Main Street
MSC 3516
Harrisonburg VA, 22807