Start/ Find a Team

Participating in FIRST LEGO League is an amazing experience for kids and adults alike. Coaches guide teams of up to 10 students in team building, creative problem solving and analytical thinking throughout the events.
Teams are structured in a variety of different ways; some are clubs or after-school programs that meet year-round, while others are formed by parents, community organizers, or youth groups. For these and other reasons, we do not match individual children with pre-existing teams. For privacy reasons, we are not able to share team contact information.
Although FIRST LEGO League does not match children with existing teams or provide team contact information, here are some ways to connect with others who may also be looking for a team:

Contact schools/ organizations that provide enrichment programs for school-aged children.

Some of the students who enroll in these programs may be members of a FIRST LEGO League team or may be interested in starting a team.


Contact your local community

Inquire about pre-existing teams through any of the following…
  • Local newsletters
  • Local schools
  • Neighborhood associations


Start a Team

If you can’t join ’em, start your own! We encourage parents and teachers to start teams in their areas and then invite other interested students to join.



Find a Team in Your Area

While most teams recruit new members from their own communities and schools, a few do use our community platforms; our Listserv and Facebook page.**

**The Virginia + Washington, D.C. Facebook page is moderated, which means we check it frequently for inappropriate posts. Please keep the topics limited to FIRST LEGO League-related issues.

Find a Team in Your Area