For the Playmakers season, all Virginia and D.C. FLL Explore Festivals will happen remotely; meaning teams will participate virtually from their own community.

Before the event, teams will submit a video of their Team Model and picture or link to the Show Me Poster. On the day of the event, teams will meet virtually with reviewers, check out the work of other teams, and participate in games and activities. The event will be wrapped up with a virtual Closing Celebration! After the event, VA-DC FLL will mail the event medals, pins, and award certificates to the coach.

Event Overview

VA- DC FLL Explore Festivals will happen remotely this season, meaning that teams will participate virtually from their own communities.

  • Teams can be together in one location or participate separately from their own home.
  • Event will last approximately two hours with lots of time for breaks and movement!
  • Teams will meet with Reviewers for about 15-20 minutes to talk about their work this season, specifically the Team Model and Show Me Poster
  • Teams will also be able to check out the work of other teams in attendance and participate in a few live games and activities.
  • We will wrap up with a virtual parade of teams and awards ceremony.

Before the Event

  • Have students complete the Youth Registration
  • Submit materials (2 days before event)
    • Team Picture
    • Team Model Video
    • Show Me Poster

During the Event

  • Opening and Welcome!
  • Teams will be assigned to a group, then groups will switch.
    • Group A:  Meet with Reviewers (15-20minutes) / Check out Team Showcase
    • Group B:  Activities and Games
  • Parade of Teams and Closing Celebration!

After the Event

  • VA-DC FLL will mail coaches the team medals, pins, and awards

How to Prepare your Team

A FLL Explore Festival is all about celebrating the work the team and our Core Values! Team members should be ready to have fun and talk about their work. Reviewers will be checking out the Team Model and Show Me poster before the Review Session. We will be holding a FLL Explore: How to Prepare for an Event webinar on Tuesday, March 30th. You can register HERE.

Before the event…

  • Have the team create a Show Me Poster
  • Have the team film their Team Model
  • Take a look at the Reviewer Questions and Review Sheet
  • Have your team practice introducing themselves and sharing their work with family/friends on a “practice call”! It will help them feel more comfortable during the review session. You can even try some of the “Reviewer Questions” with them (found in previous bullet point).