Educators/ Admin FAQ

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How is the FIRST® LEGO® League Explore program aligned to educational standards in Virginia and DC?

Alignment to the Virginia Standards of Learning: This document outlines direct and indirect alignments between FIRST® LEGO® League Explore and the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) in English, Math, Science, and Computer Science for grades 2-4. Virginia is releasing new Computer Technology standards this year and we will reevaluate this alignment at that time.

FIRST® LEGO® League Explore content is aligned to the following…

What is a Class Pack? How is it different from a competitive team registration?

Individual Team Pathway –

Class Pack-

Are there any professional development opportunities for teachers or support staff?

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How do you recruit and select team members in a school setting?

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What is the FIRST® Youth Protection Program?

The purpose of the FIRST® Youth Protection Program (FIRST® YPP) is to provide Coaches, Mentors, Volunteers, employees, others working in FIRST® programs, team members, parents, and guardians of team members with information, guidelines, and procedures to create safe environments for everyone participating in FIRST® programs.

The FIRST® YPP sets minimum standards recommended for all FIRST® activities. Adults working in FIRST® programs must be knowledgeable of the standards set by the FIRST® YPP, as well as those set by the school or organization hosting their team.

FIRST® expects all teams in the United States and Canada to adhere to all provisions of the FIRST® YPP.