Updated November 12, 2020

As we navigate this unusual and challenging season, we will be considering guidance from the CDC, state/local authorities, and FIRST to cater to the needs of our communities. Updates and announcements will be sent to registered coaches through our newsletter and posted to this webpage.

As you get started, this guide is designed to provide suggestions and options, but it is intentionally not prescriptive. Considerations for what is best for your local situation should be prioritized. Local health and safety regulations and guidance should precede any of the recommendations in this guide.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, submit them here.

Update: November 2020
As many schools remain virtual and in-person gatherings are still restricted, VA+DC FIRST LEGO League has put together resources for teams as they navigate the season during COVID-19. This list is continuously getting updated.


With safety/ health guidelines in place and many teams meeting virtually, the Innovation Project is easier to adjust to than the Robot Game. Because of this, many teams are starting the season with the project. All project resources in the Team Meeting Guide and Engineering Notebook are digitally available through Thinkscape (teams will only have access after FIRST® registration is complete). These ideas and suggestions can be used by teams that can meet in person and teams that must meet virtually.

Virtual Meeting Spaces: Here is a great breakdown of the different platforms teams can us to meet virtually, including helpful tips for running a virtual meeting. Many teams like using Zoom, because it allows for “breakout rooms” in which members can talk in small groups, then come back to the team. ** It is important to note that when working with such young children and deciding what platform to use, coaches should consult either with parents/ guardians (for community teams) and admin (for school teams) to make sure everyone is comfortable with the decision.

Update: October 2020
Virginia+DC FIRST LEGO League announced that while we will follow our usual FLL Explore season schedule, the FLL Explore Festival format will be fully remote. See a season overview and stay tuned for more updates on what remote event will look like.