In the Innovation Project, your team will:

• Identify a problem within the Challenge Guidelines
• Design a solution.
• Share your solution with others and then refine it.

At official events, your team will present your Project, including the problem, your solution, and how you shared it, in a 5-minute presentation.

RePlay Project Summary & Challenge Overview –
Both provide a brief summary of the season theme, which changes each year. Your team can find inspiration for your Innovation Project within the Challenge Guide and the Robot Game Missions.

Innovation Project FAQs

Does our team have create a prototype?

* Coming Soon – Fall 2020 *

Does everyone on the team need to be apart of the project?

* Coming Soon – Fall 2020 *

What should we do if we have a question about project?

It is very important that teams and coaches continue to check out the “Challenge Updates” that are constantly getting refreshed throughout the season.

After consulting the Challenge Guide and Challenge Updates, many teams consult our ListServ with questions. This platform is also monitored by our regional judge advisor, Scott Rakestraw.

Virtual Experts and Field Trips

Virtual Expert Resources
Skype with an Expert

– FIRST Mentor Network

Virtual Field Trips/ Simulations