(Southeast) Remote Regional Qualifier 3

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Coaches will receive emails outlining their team schedule closer to the day of their event, but for planning purposes… check out the event schedules and judging sessions below!  You can also find out more about how to submit your team materials (Project presentation, robot game etc).  If you have any questions, please reach out to your tournament directors, Ann Kutz and  Karen Berger. If you have questions about submitting materials, please reach out to Kaitlin Ilnitzki.


While we want teams to participate as much as possible, we know that will not always be an option.  The only mandatory portion will be the team’s Judging Session (listed below).  Teams will also be able to check out the Robot Game Leaderboard for score updates and participate in virtual activities throughout the day!  The Opening and Closing Ceremony will be recorded so teams can watch at a later date.

Time Event Link
8:30 AM Coaches Meeting Coming Soon
9:00 AM Opening Ceremony Coming Soon
9:30 AM – 2:30 PM Judging Sessions Coming Soon
11:00 AM – 4:00 PM Virtual Activities Coming Soon
4:00 PM Closing Ceremony Coming Soon


Coaches will receive the Zoom link to their judging session through email so it can be distributed to the team before the event.  The judging session will last 25 minutes (judges will watch the project presentation meeting the teams in the judging Zoom room.  Teams will be able to enter the judging room early to get set up and make sure everyone is connected.  During the judging session, teams will also have screen sharing capabilities within the Zoom room.

Judging Team 1 Team Number Team Name Division
9:30 AM 38239 Robo-Rangers Div 1
10:30 AM 47869 Engineers Div 1
11:30 AM 51651 Jaguars Div 1
1:00 PM 51652 Colts Div 1
Judging Team 2 Team Number Team Name Division
9:45 AM 51653 Young Dream Leaders Div 1
10:45 AM 51654 Gatorbots Div 1
11:45 AM 31778 Raining Robots Div 2
1:15 PM 34961 Nacho Bricks Div 2
Judging Team 3 Team Number Team Name Division
10:00 AM 38241 Baysavers Div 2
11:00 AM 42361 TheTeam(TM) Div 2
12:30 PM 51649 Cougars Div 2
1:30 PM 51650 Hines Middle Div 2


Remote Tournament Guidelines

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Submit your Event Materials