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“FLL is like a roller coaster with many twists and turns that always leads to thrilling new experiences.”

– Alison, Ananya, Ritvik, Pranav, Andrew, Jonathan, Vishnu, Mihir, Neil, and Coaches Mark and Jay of Geared UP!, Team #20

View their team page.

“I have been coaching FLL teams for the past 5 years.  Although students get excited about the robot missions, the dynamic FLL research topics are what keep them motivated and coming back year after year.  VA-DC FLL does an extraordinary job of promoting research and the FLL core values among these young scientists.”

– Balaji Subramaniam, Coach of The Wild Things, Team #15468

“FIRST is a great program that inspired us to explore science and technology beyond what we were doing in school. It helped us to recognize the many ways STEM can improve the world.  We realized this in our very first FLL season and could not wait for the next season to begin. We were hooked!”

– Aaraj, Alex, Sanjana, Siona, Vishnu, Zach, and Coach Vij of Team Positive Aftermath #6371

View their team page.

FLL has taught me to use my creative energy in a constructive way to solve problems. I also learned that it is OK to be a girl interested in science and robotics and I am not alone. It has shown me that I can make a difference if I set my mind to it. FLL has opened new doors for me in the world of science and I hope it will open new doors for others.

– Abigail Henshaw of Team Dynamite Twisters #6331

Rooms are only guaranteed until midnight on November 18th, 2014.

1. Go to the FIRST Housing page.
2. Under the CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS heading, you’ll see the following dropdown menus:

a. Event Type

b. Competition

c. Event

d. Arrival Date

e. Departure Date

3. Make the following selections beneath each:

a. Regional

b. FLL

c. Harrisonburg, VA – 2014 FLL Virginia Regional Championship Tournament – Harrisonburg, VA

d. 12/5/2014, for example, if you plan to stay Friday night

e. 12/6/2014, for example, if you plan to stay Saturday night and leave Sunday

4. In the appropriate dropdown menu (Single, Double, Triple or Quad), select the number of rooms of the type you would like to reserve.
5. Click Search and scroll down to see your options.