Join us as 64 teams (32 Division 1 – 32 Division 2) showcase their innovative ideas, strong Core Values, and remarkable STEM skills through the 2020-2021 RePLAY season challenge. The event will be held remotely (meaning teams will participate from their own communities) and will be run through James Madison University.

Event Timeline
Submit Practice Round (Optional)Saturday, February 13 by 12pm*
Submit Event MaterialsTuesday, February 23 by midnight
Opening Ceremony / Virtual Activities**Saturday, February 27
Team Judging/ Robot Game ReviewsSaturday, February 27
Closing Ceremony / Robot Game Showcase**Sunday, February 28

* Practice videos can be submitted after this date and we will get feedback to teams as quickly as we can, but we cannot ensure that teams will have their feedback 7 days before event materials need to be submitted.
**Student Activities will can be done independently or as a team and are optional.

Event Schedule

The event will run virtually from February 27 through February 28th. While event plans are still being finalized, here are a few important notes to help teams plan. All links will be sent to teams a few days before the event (similar to regional qualifiers). Judging session times can be found here:

Friday, February 26th
– Coaches Meeting @ 7:00 PM (Slides and recording will be sent to all coaches afterwards)

Saturday, February 27th
– Opening Ceremony @ 9:00 AM
Judging Sessions (all teams in both divisions) from 9:45 AM to 3:30 PM
– Robot Game Reviews (all teams in both divisions) from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM Robot Game Leaderboard –  Division 1     Division 2
– Virtual Activities from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Sunday, February 28th
– Robot Game Showcase from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
– Closing Ceremony @ 4:00 PM

Submitting Event Materials

Teams will need to submit materials before the event, which will be viewed by the judges before meeting with the team for the judging session. Teams can share their work during the judging session as well. Please note, teams are allowed to resubmit materials used during regional qualifiers.

Teams will be able to submit….
– Practice Robot Game Round video link (optional)
– Team Information Sheet
– Team Picture
– 3 separate Robot Game Rounds
– 5 minute Innovation Project presentation video
– Robot Design PDF
– Core Values PDF (optional)

More guidance on each of these items can be found in the Judging Session and Robot Game session below.

Submit Team Materials Here
By February 23th (before the end of the day – 11:59pm)
Please submit all materials at once


Judging Session

The team judging session format will remain the same at the Championship event. Teams and judges will meet for a 25 minute consolidated judging session. Judges will be reviewing the submitted team materials before the session starts. You can find the judging session flow here (please note, this has been adjusted to reflect VA/DC FLL guidelines and may differ from resources provided by FIRST).

Teams will be able to submit….
– Team Information Sheet PDF – TEMPLATE: Microsoft DOC (download) or Google Doc (make a copy)
– Team Picture JPEG or PNG (used for Closing Ceremony)
– 5 minute Innovation Project presentation video link
– 1 Robot Game Round video link
– Robot Design PDF (This can be example code, a Robot Design Summary, mission strategy, etc. It should be complied into one PDF. While we are not putting a limit on this, we ask teams to respect the time needed for our judge volunteers to review what you submit).
– Optional: Core Values PDF/JPEG (This can be a presentation, digital poster, etc that Core Values judge will review before meeting with the team)

Notes from Regional Judge Advisor

  • Do an audio/visual check with team before the Judging Session
    • If team is meeting together, make sure someone on the call can hear all the members. Think about having team members step up to the device/ microphone when speaking (especially with masks on). Another cool idea we saw at regionals, use a microphone that can be connected to the computer so team members can pass the mic when talking.
    • If team is meeting virtually, make sure everyone can be heard and seen but the other members.
    • If team plans to share their screen, they should practice doing that before the judging session.
    • Have team member “Rename” themselves. Judges do not need to see last names.. please do not include them.
  • Team Greeting: When judges enter the virtual room, be prepared to introduce yourselves. It should be quick but can be a great way to show team spirit, fun, and inclusion!
  • We will follow the same judging flow that was used at regional qualifiers (only correction to the linked image, judges will enter the room, not the team). Judges will review submitted materials before checking in with the team.
  • Robot Design Portion of Judging session: While judges will be able to watch a robot game round and look over the submitted team materials before the session, teams are encouraged to be prepared to FIRST talk about their robot design for 5 minutes, before the 5 minute Q&A portion. That can be presentation slides, a skit, talking points, etc.

Robot Game

The Robot Game will be run similarly to the regional qualifying events. Teams will submit recorded rounds (including field/robot inspection before the round and mission model inspection after the round). On the first day of the virtual event, referees will score rounds throughout the day. Scores will be submitted to FLL Tournament and teams will be able to contact their head referee throughout the day regarding their scores.

Practice Round Submissions: Teams can receive feedback from their head referee regarding game rules and video recording guidelines. We ask that team submit videos by Saturday, February 13th in order to receive feedback by Tuesday, February 16th, thus giving them approximately a week to make adjustments and film final rounds. Teams can submit videos that were used during regional qualifiers. Practice videos can also be submitted after the 2/13 date and we will get feedback to teams as quickly as we can, but we cannot ensure that teams will have their feedback 7 days before event materials need to be submitted. Practice rounds video links can be submitted here

Official Robot Game Matches:  Teams will submit 3 robot game videos to be scored.  On the day of the event, scores will be posted to the leaderboard. If your team has not already taken a look at these materials, please review our VA-DC FLL Robot Game Filming Guidance Video Tutorial or Written Instructions

Notes from Regional Head Referee

  • As always, please be reading over the UPDATED RULES. There were some important announcements made after our regional qualifiers that will apply to our Championship.
  • Please check the scoreboards throughout the day and contact your head referees with questions. All questions need to be submitted by 3pm on Saturday, February 27th so event officials have the correct data for judging and award deliberations.
  • Before the event, teams will be sent links to scoresheets that can be used for self-scoring. We highly encourage teams to submit this information (due by midnight on Friday, February 26th). It helps referees understand what is happening in your video. It is also very helpful for head referees to check before discussing team concerns after robot game scores have been posted.

Event Activities

Virtual Pit Area (open the whole weekend): While we can’t be together, we can still celebrate and showcase all the work teams have done this year. An important part of FLL is being able to share with and learn from each other. We will be creating a “virtual pit area” for interested teams. The “virtual pit area” will be a page on our site with links to a PDF submitted by teams. This PDF would serve as your virtual pit area. It could be digital poster or virtual “room.” Teams can keep it simple or get creative. For more information and examples, check out:

Virtual Activities (Saturday): With the help of some awesome Virginia/DC FRC teams, we will be hosting some virtual activities rooms on Saturday, February 27th from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Team members can participate before or after their judging session. More details will be sent out with the event schedule later in the week.

Robot Game Showcase (Sunday): When submitting materials, coaches will be asked either give or not give permission for VA-DC FLL to stream one of their robot game rounds. We will be setting up a private stream on Sunday, February 28th from 12:00PM to 2:00PM to showcase the RePLAY robot game! The link to the stream will be sent out with the team schedule later in the week.