2020-21 Tournament Assignments

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Please note, the age division criteria was adjusted to even out the number of teams in each division.  As a result, some teams may have moved from division 2 to division 1.  If all team members are in 6th grade or younger your team is now division 1 (during registration it would have been if all team members were in 5th grade or younger).  If your team changed but wishes to remain in Division 2, please contact ilnitzks@jmu.edu. Otherwise no action is needed. This will not be reflected in the Team Manager Account

IMPORTANT: All tournaments are REMOTE, meaning your team will NOT be traveling.
The tournament name describes the group of volunteers that will be virtually supporting that event.

TeamNumberTeamNameDivisionTournament DateTournament Name
112RoboSapiensDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
2673Return of the Jedi Penguins:Rise of the SkyWaddlersDiv. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Harrisonburg)
2916Team 2916Div. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Norfolk)
4421Sudley RoborunnersDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
6909Lightning BoltsDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (DC/ Friendship)
7650Renaissance techDiv. 21/23/21Regional Qualifier 1 (Hampton)
8221The Green MachineDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Harrisonburg)
8223The Gold BotsDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Harrisonburg)
8807Magical UnicodesDiv. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southwest VA)
8808Absolute ZeroDiv. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southwest VA)
8809Team ChampionDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southwest VA)
8810The LadyBotsDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southwest VA)
8811#AHESRebootDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southwest VA)
8812Operative InnovatorsDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southwest VA)
9021Greenbrier PanthersDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Norfolk)
9076Lord of the Bricks Div. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Norfolk)
10587Scottie BotsDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
10989AlbertoesDiv. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Norfolk)
11343technostormers Div. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Norfolk)
16634GloryDiv. 21/23/21Regional Qualifier 1 (Hampton)
20019EnergizersDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Norfolk)
22395RoboKnightsDiv. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (DC/ Friendship)
23371The Bold StreakDiv. 21/23/21Regional Qualifier 1 (Hampton)
23372The Bit LordsDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southwest VA)
23582Tune SquadDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Harrisonburg)
23725TrailblazersDiv. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Harrisonburg)
24195Creeping TrailblazersDiv. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
24277OAKSDiv. 21/23/21Regional Qualifier 1 (Hampton)
24577COVID BustersDiv. 22/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
24578Trail BlazersDiv. 22/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
25752Blue WhalesDiv. 21/23/21Regional Qualifier 1 (Hampton)
25762Fire Breathing Rubber DuckiesDiv. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southwest VA)
26957Watt BotsDiv. 22/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
27850Blazing TorchDiv. 22/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
27851Off The GridDiv. 22/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
28479YukonDiv. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Norfolk)
29020Rainbow SquirrelsDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
30485Robotic RhinosDiv. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southwest VA)
30490Xtreme BotsDiv. 21/23/21Regional Qualifier 1 (Hampton)
30892YogicTransformersGreenDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
31151Starstruck Div. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
31289Eaglebots 1Div. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
31515The Robot EaglesDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Harrisonburg)
31516The Bodaciously Bold and Brilliant Trailblazers Div. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Harrisonburg)
31517Instant ReplayDiv. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southwest VA)
31778Raining RobotsDiv. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southeast VA)
32350Patriot RobotronicsDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
33104PiheadsDiv. 22/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
34961Nacho BricksDiv. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southeast VA)
36355Monelison TrobotsDiv. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Harrisonburg)
37728LEGOnardo da VinciDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
37777CuriobotsDiv. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
37856Llama CornsDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (DC/ Friendship)
38153ExcalibotsDiv. 22/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
38239Robo-RangersDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southeast VA)
38241BaysaversDiv. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southeast VA)
38288LICKoDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (DC/ Friendship)
38690Panda CubsDiv. 11/23/21Regional Qualifier 1 (Hampton)
38703StrikersDiv. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Norfolk)
38762Pluto is a planet tooDiv. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Harrisonburg)
39294Lego DragonsDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Harrisonburg)
39485The NeWTsDiv. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southwest VA)
39763FBR Robotics TeamDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
39941Cosmic CougarsDiv. 22/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
40305Knights of NiDiv. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Norfolk)
40586G.I.R.L.SDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (DC/ Friendship)
40815The Control FreaksDiv. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Norfolk)
41039Bob’s BricksDiv. 11/23/21Regional Qualifier 1 (Hampton)
41390AerodriodsDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
41647Chamberlain ChampionsDiv. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (DC/ Friendship)
42361TheTeam(TM)Div. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southeast VA)
42449Superior 7Div 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (DC/ Friendship)
42452Girl CodeDiv 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (DC/ Friendship)
42539Mojo DojoDiv. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southwest VA)
44219Fierce FoxesDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southwest VA)
44649BEAVERBOTSDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
44869Fiery PhoenixDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Norfolk)
44897GearHeadsDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
45013GHC.SparksDiv. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (DC/ Friendship)
45035Wildcat RoboticsDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Norfolk)
45043ThunderBotsDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
45061Short CircuitsDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
45246RobobustersDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
45266Chilljolly ExplorersDiv. 22/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
45545Brick TacosDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Harrisonburg)
45595Building BuddiesDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (DC/ Friendship)
45673TechnoWolvesDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
45947TechVengersDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
46108CivilBotsDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southwest VA)
46140Neptune’s FuryDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Norfolk)
46289Panini CatsDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
46386The Active AxlesDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
46448The Super Lightning LegosDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
46453Grizzly Sports BallersDiv. 11/23/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
46454Pineapple ReapersDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
46455Sock MenDiv. 11/23/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
46457LEGO LlamasDiv. 11/23/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
46647Coding MastermindsDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (DC/ Friendship)
47183Lego WarrirorsDiv. 11/23/21Regional Qualifier 1 (Hampton)
47367Team MileDiv. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
47867SpartansDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
47869EngineersDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southeast VA)
47972Armstrong WolfpackDiv. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (DC/ Friendship)
48466COUGARSDiv. 22/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
49078SpunkiesDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Harrisonburg)
49481FlashDiv 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (DC/ Friendship)
49491Pride BotsDiv. 21/23/21Regional Qualifier 1 (Hampton)
50323Robotics RoyaleDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Norfolk)
50367Saint Agnes #1Div. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
50629Bricksville KnightsDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (DC/ McKinley)
50819Dolphins 2020Div. 22/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
50827The BrickstersDiv. 21/23/21Regional Qualifier 1 (Hampton)
50828Chaotic CodersDiv. 22/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
50844YogicTransformersBlueDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
50984WSG Robotics TeamDiv. 22/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
50985FAN Robotics TeamDiv. 22/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
51004LegoVisionDiv. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (DC/ Friendship)
51132ProgamersDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (DC/ Friendship)
51233Dream ChasersDiv. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (DC/ Friendship)
51259Active AvocadosDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southwest VA)
51287Compulsive ChargersDiv. 22/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
51298Project GalaxyDiv. 22/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
51310Codathletez v2.0Div. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
51318Brick BendersDiv. 11/23/21Regional Qualifier 1 (Hampton)
51349FLL Challenge ChesapeakeDiv. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Norfolk)
51430Lego LizardsDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
51544BaltoDiv. 22/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Norfolk)
51572Glitchy GatorsDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southwest VA)
51625RobotrunnerDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)
51649CougarsDiv. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southeast VA)
51650Hines MiddleDiv. 21/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southeast VA)
51651JaguarsDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southeast VA)
51652ColtsDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southeast VA)
51653Young Dream LeadersDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southeast VA)
51654GatorbotsDiv. 11/30/21Regional Qualifier 3 (Southeast VA)
51798Stingray RoboticsDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Richmond)
51838BeAttitudeBuilders8Div. 12/6/21Regional Qualifier 5 (Harrisonburg)
51852CheetasDiv. 12/7/21Regional Qualifier 6 (Alexandria)